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An Overview of Efforts to Criminalize Revenge Pornography in Ohio

Revenge pornography is the unauthorized publication of explicit and potentially damaging pornographic images by one person in a relationship who is seeking revenge on their former partner or spouse. While revenge pornography is a type of defamation and therefore subject to civil litigation across the United States, it has not yet been criminalized in every state. The effort to criminalize revenge pornography is an ongoing effort, particularly in Ohio where the state legislature recently shot down a statute that would criminalize revenge pornography there.


The statute, Ohio Bill 353, would not only criminalize the leaking of nude photos and explicit pornographic imagery in the form of videos, but would also force the removal of those images and videos from websites that capitalize from them. In recent years there have been many cases in the news of unauthorized posting of x-rated material on websites. The website Gawker, for instance, was successfully sued by wrestling legend Hulk Hogan for the unauthorized publication of his private video. Find out more here!


But this type of publication is not exactly the same as revenge pornography, which is not just a form of voyeurism but is actually encouraged in some circles as a way to get even with someone who has cheated on a person or dumped them for another person. There are actually entire websites dedicated to posting this kind of material for public consumption. The Ohio law, Bill 353, which failed to pass the Ohio state legislature, would have not only outlawed that type of material but would have forced the removal of the unauthorized images and videos from websites.


Attorney Aaron Mincat this Website was interviewed on Cleveland News 5 recently about this law and the effort to help victims of this type of defamation or harassment. In many instances there is a stigma around these laws because the publication of sex tapes and pornographic images are often seen as good publicity especially for female actors, models and musical performers who are often the victims. The fact is that revenge pornography does damage to the lives and reputations of the vast majority of its victims.


If you would like to learn more about this issue and the efforts of attorney Aaron Minc to help people who are suffering the results of a revenge pornography posting, the best thing you can do is search the Internet for revenge pornography law resources. At a legal resource website for revenge pornography victims you will find a 50 state map detailing revenge pornography laws around the country. To learn more about this issue, you should look online for more information, legal resources, and check out Aaron Minc's Cleveland News 5 interview concerning revenge pornography laws in Ohio and across the United States.To gain more knowledge about Internet Defamation Attorney, go to